Game Night Must-Haves for the Long Weekend

Game Night Must-Haves for the Long Weekend

Victoria Day long weekend. May 2-4. The unofficial start of the summer. The first real taste of brighter days and warmer weather - and in our books, a bittersweet reminder that we deserve a long weekend every month of the year!

For those lucky enough to escape the city, it's the first trip up to the cottage, for swimming and barbecues and bonfires and card games - all set in the beautiful outdoors. But what happens when the weather is not at its best? Being cooped up in the house isn't ideal but there's nothing a board game or two can't fix! 

Rain or shine, here are our Top 10 Board Games for the long weekend:

  1. Red Flags: Great for singles, couples, or a mix of both, you win points by arguing why your fictional date is truly dateable when the red flags say otherwise!
  2. Telestrations: Broken telephone meets Pictionary with this hilarious party game! Perfect for large groups.
  3. Catan: Compete to gather resources and build settlements on the fictional island of Catan.
  4. HINT: Mime, hum, draw and talk your teammates into guessing what you're trying to say - all without saying the forbidden word! Perfect party game for those who loves charades and Taboo.
  5. Unnecessary Inventions: The card game you didn't know you need! This party game will have you making the wackiest inventions that solves problems that do not exist.
  6. Do or Drink: Get ready for a wild night with this twisted truth or dare drinking game!
  7. JaipurDuel it out to see who can pull in more profit than your competition and win a seat in the maharajah's court! 
  8. Backgammon: Sound strategy and a little bit of luck will make you the winner of this addictive game! Perfect for lovers of classic strategy games like chess, chinese checkers, and checkers. 
  9. Murder Mystery Party Case Files: Gather and construct evidence to solve the gruesome murder! From building a 750-piece puzzle murder board to reviewing the police and toxicology report, a murder mystery lover's dream! 
  10. Qbitz: Test your spatial reasoning, dexterity, quick thinking and competitive skills with this fast-paced cube game. Recreating the patterns the quickest is the name of the game!

Board games not your thing? A puzzle is the perfect long weekend companion for those looking for a quiet activity. Slowly build your puzzle between meals, during meals, heck - anytime is the right time for puzzling!

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