Coyote Diorama 1000pc Puzzle

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June, Yosemite Valley, California from the Coyote Diorama at the
American Museum of Natural History

This scene depicts a springtime meadow in the iconic valley of Yosemite National Park, exuberant with new life. A coyote (Canis latrans) sends a yippy howl through the granite-flanked gap of Yosemite Valley. The long-distance call, rare in mammals, wards off packs nearby. The second coyote may chime in to broadcast the number in its pack, but for now it is preoccupied with digging for a gopher or another burrower. Coyotes have expanded their range into former wolf territory and are now found across most of North America.

The habitat dioramas are among the greatest treasures of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, depicting a precise moment in time—a specific location, complete with its indigenous flora and wildlife. The Museum is one of the world’s preeminent scientific, educational, and cultural institutions, drawing millions of visitors each year.

Thoughtfully conceived and engagingly intricate, our 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles combine superb color reproduction, stunning and unusual images, and sturdy construction to delight generations of novice and veteran puzzleworkers.