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Don't Step In It!: Reindeer Edition

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The reindeer are in town and they've left a few presents along the way. It's a holiday-themed edition of the Don't Step In It! game. While blindfolded, players take turns smacking down on the snowflakes that have been randomly spread on a table, and then collecting them for the win. But watch out! Little piles of soft compound, molded in the shape of reindeer poop have been strategically placed around the snowflakes. If players smoosh a poop, their turn is over. The player who collects the most snowflakes wins the game.

Players can use their feet, too, by placing the snowflakes on a vinyl or tile floor and placing the poops on the snowflakes. Who can walk through them without smooshing a poop while blindfolded? This laugh-out-loud game is a fun game for families, ages 4 and up, and is easy to play.

Ages 4+ | 1+ players