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Murder Mystery Party: The Champagne Murders

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The Champagne Murder: Groovy, baby! It's the Summer of Love, July 1967, and England still swings like a pendulum. You're spending the weekend drinking champagne and partying with some of the brightest faces in Britain at the Chelsea home of Lord Michael Jagged. What could be more hip and happening? But as you gather for dinner on Sunday evening, the shocking news is brought to you by the Scotland Yard detective, Austin McClue: Lord Michael is dead. Maybe even murdered. And if he was murdered, one - or more - of you was responsible. Your task is to identify the murderer. Or, of course, to evade detection. CONTENTS: Party Planner with game rules, recipes, music and decorating tips; Character Booklets including roles, background information, and some tasty secrets; Name Tags for each character; Party Invitations and Envelopes for each character; Eight Secret Clues; Access to video with an introduction, summary of events, clues, and solution to the crime.