Mysterium: Hidden Signs Expansion

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New information has come to light in the case of the murder at Warwick's Manor. As one of the world’s leading psychic investigators, you need all your powers of interpretation to solve the crime. The Hidden Signs Expansion adds 78 new cards to this co-operative game. 

One player takes on the role of the ghost. They have all the elements of the crime, but they need to lead the psychics to the right answers. Deduction, interpretation, and intuition will all come in handy in this paranormal expansion to the award-winning Mysterium!

    Note: Requires the Mysterium base game to play. 

    • Number of players: 2-7
    • Genre:  Mystery, Co-operative, Family, Party
    • Playing time: 45 min
    • Age: 10+
    • Language requirement: None