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Noodle Speedoodle

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Grab a Noodle... Draw a Doodle... Guess - A Poodle? Use your noodle to speedily doodle in this new quick-draw party game from the award winning game designers at Peaceable Kingdom. You've got 30 seconds to draw a picture and get the other players to guess what it is. The trick is that you've got to include a noodle in your doodle!

How to play: Spin the spinner to determine the style of play, pick a noodle and pick a card. Now choose a word to draw, flip the timer and draw your word. Guess the word correctly, everyone wins! Game comes complete with 25 noodles, 100 cards with 300 words, 1 doodle board, 1 dry erase pen, 1 spinner and a 30-second timer.

What is a cooperative game? It's a game where everyone plays together, no one is left out, and everyone has fun! In a cooperative game, players work together as a team against a common obstacle, not against each other. Cooperative games emphasize play, not competition. Kids work together, they help each other and, most importantly, they play for FUN!

Ages 4+ | 2 players | 15 min