Pirate's Gold: Capture the Treasure Game

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This sequential reasoning game requires you to think and plan several steps ahead, like an expert chess player. The red-cloaked, wooden-legged pirate confronts a variety of obstacles on his quest for the lost treasure. He can't jump, but must move up and down the black game grid, negotiating fixed skull and crossbones pieces and mobile directional chips to reach the exit gate with his treasure intact. At advanced levels of play the stakes get higher, with more treasure troves and more fun!


  • 40 Challenges (Beginner to Expert) with Solutions
  • 1 Pirate Game Piece, 9 Directional Pieces, 9 Blocking Pieces, 4 Gold Treasure Chest Pieces
  • Game Grid and┬áGame-Go┬áBag
  • Instructions

Ages 8+ | 1 player | 15-20 min