Rolife: DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit - Sam's Study

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Sam's Study DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit is a perfect do-it-yourself gift or art & craft project for anyone who loves miniature models. This complex project is suitable for both beginners and experts in DIY house-making! In addition, this library dollhouse is equipped with LED lights to make your miniature house come to life.
  • Difficulty: ★★★★
  • Product Details:
    • Finished Product Dimensions: 185 x 225 x 190 mm
    • Box Dimensions: 317.5 x 203.2 x 50.8 mm
    • Materials: Wood, Plastic, Paper & Fabrics
    • Wood Pieces: 221 pcs
  • Included:
    • Accessories, LED Lights, Brush, Fabric/Metal/Paper/Plastic/Wood, Manual, Glue
  • Required Tools:
    • Glue (White & Silicone Variant), Rulers &Scissors
    • Screwdrivers
    • Needle
    • Battery: x2 3V button cell (CR2032)
  • Time to Complete: ~12h