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Royal Mail Travel Clock [Damaged]

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Commonplace in Victorian England, carriage clocks kept the mail coach and it's passengers apprised of their scheduled departures and arrivals.

Designed to take the rigors of the toughest roads, this durable little clock will withstand the test of time. Designed and built to AM's standard of quality.

  • Wood case
  • French finished in black
  • Bronze hardware
  • Convex glass with brass bezel
  • Four brass extensions to prevent damage to glass
  • Solid brass tote handle
  • Quartz mechanism
  • Cover plate on back, engraved with circa 1900 world time image
  • Size is 4.50 inches by 2.50 inches by 4.75 inches

Please note! This product has been damaged. A crack in the wood across the front of the housing is present, going in halfway through. Clock mechanism still works as normal. This product is final sale.