Scotland Yard Junior

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Scotland Yard, the clever award-winning detective game is now available in a Junior version! Mister X, the master criminal, is on the run across London. Can you work as a team with other players to capture him? The game board shows a simplified map of London, including well-known sites such as Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, the houses of Parliament, the National Gallery, Waterloo station, the Tate gallery and the Thames. Mr. X moves across the playing board, travelling by taxi, bus, the underground or via the River, Using the included travel tickets.

Can you guess where he's travelling to? If you can travel to the same place at the same time as Mister X, You are on your way to capturing him forever. Get this right 3 times and your team has won the day. But if Mr. X can evade your team 9 times, he has won and escapes! A fun game for the whole family to enjoy and a wonderful introduction to the classic strategy game Scotland yard.

Ages 6+ | 2-4 players