SkyHawk Yo-Yo

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For advanced level yo-yoing!

Skyhawk is the first Duncan off string yo-yo not to employ rubber rims.  Along with its size C bearing and removable metal ring weight, there's a lot making this model stand out in the crowd, indicating a new direction for Duncan's off string offerings.  The metal weight gives a lot of spin, giving you plenty of time to crush long combos.  But the design doesn't lend itself too much to one style over any other, making it a great throw for players of all styles. With its wide catch zone and low price, it's even a superb choice for your first off string yo-yo!  Another cool feature is the ability to switch the size C bearing out for a size A bearing (sold separately), just by flipping the metal spacer around.  Removing the weight shaves a whole 10 grams off the Skyhawk for a completely different feel.

For ages 12+