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Trust Me, I'm Psychic

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Do you believe psychics can glimpse into the future or that all psychics are frauds? The mystical and hysterical game of Trust Me, I’m Psychic might change your thinking! In this unpredictable game of predictions, you ask questions about your future or provide insights into the future of the other players.

Decide which player is the Customer. Everyone else is dealt a Vision Card that tells them if they are a Psychic or a Fraud. All the players who are True Psychics see a beautiful tarot-inspired image that they can use to craft a fortune for the Customer. The Frauds do not see the picture. The Customer asks a question on any subject about his or her future. Will I win the lottery? Will I find true love this year? Whether you are a Psychic or a Fraud, use your imagination to spin a fantastical fortune for the Customer where storytelling is key. When it’s your turn, look into the crystal ball and start your prediction with “I see a vision…” and end by saying “Trust me, I’m psychic!”

Of course, fortune-telling is not as easy as it seems. Psychics and Frauds must avoid speaking the forbidden Cursed Words listed at the bottom of their cards. If you tell a convincing fortune the Customer rewards you with a token. If the Customer accidentally pays a Fraud, he or she gets cursed. The game ends after each player has a turn being the Customer. The player with the most money wins! 

Includes: 40 Sets of Vision Cards (200 Total Vision Cards), 6 Player Reference Cards, 1 Card Tray, 1 Crystal Ball (Package), Instructions

Ages 12+ | 4-6 players