Puzzled on what to get Mom for Mother's Day? Our top gift idea

Puzzled on what to get Mom for Mother's Day? Our top gift idea

No one is more deserving of the perfect gift than mom. If you're lucky enough to have a mother figure in your life, you'll only want to show them how much you appreciate all they've done and still do for you.

But gift buying is an art and even with the best intentions, it's easy to miss the mark. In fact, according to a survey cited on CNET, 40% of mother’s are unhappy with their mother’s day gifts. So much so, that 45% of them are prepared to make themselves feel better by immediately shopping online. We don't want mom pulling out the tablet to shop online just because of a not-so-great gift!

We believe the best gift you can give mom is quality time spent together. So it's not a surprise that puzzles top our list as best Mother's Day gifts. Jigsaw puzzles offer you hours of activity so you have time to bond, to problem-solve (the puzzle, your work drama, your love life), and they help improve memory - not that we want mom remembering everything!

And if you can't spend time with mom this Mother's Day, a puzzle still ticks all the boxes because they can be done collaboratively or solitarily.

So instead of flowers this Mother's Day, why not try a floral puzzle?